Diligent slightly Energy Storage System uses Nantong of Jiangsu of settle of lithium Battery project - initiate store can industrial new phase - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 17:07 energy storage system

China store can net dispatch: Yesterday afternoon, wang Hui of secretary of municipal Party committee interviews Shenzhen city to highing Xia Zun of president of investment limited company diligent of city of complete, Shenzhen president of limited company of summary science and technology Shenyang group, the diligent that just represents collective testimony to always invest 12 billion yuan with investment slightly store can the system uses autograph of lithium battery project to make an appointment with.

You Zhengxuan of limited company of summary science and technology invests Shenzhen city diligent hatch founds, it is a dedicated research and development is made " low cost, high reliability, macrobian life " professional store the high-tech enterprise of batteries of ion of energy level lithium, group core member all industry of cable of deep ploughing lithium is old. Diligent slightly store can the system makes an appointment with area of garden of industry of Su Xitong science and technology of settle our city with autograph of lithium battery project, basically be engaged in store can the research and development of lithium battery, production and sale. The project plans cent period to carry out, first phase 2 period the design is produced can 10 million kilowatt hour, full postpartum annual produce will amount to 8 billion yuan.

After society of introductory Nantong economy develops a case, wang Hui says, current Nantong is making the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China to be guidance nearly with be used to, fulfil provincial Party committee to save a government to gift seriously the fixed position requirement of Nantong, outstanding " one hub 5 cities " construction, accelerate it is important to make complete province high quality develop growth pole. As passageway of boreal edge Jiang Gaotie, Zhang Gao, sea too the infrastructure of great liaison man such as the passageway the start working inside year, accelerate construction, nantong and Shanghai, Su Na is changed with the city, unifinication development pace is carried fast, become each increasingly more valued city, a batch of big projects, good project is thick as hail, can say to invest Nantong to invest future namely.

Wang Hui points out, new energy resources is Nantong key development is strategical burgeoning industry, at present installed capacity occupies maritime wind report to save 1/4 of 1/2, whole nation completely about, accelerate as project of cable of a batch of great and maritime wind advance, orderly compose builds the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources, nantong will be in of wind report construction new energy resources accelerates on the foundation, make complete province actively but second birth the sources of energy expands demonstrative division. This will is store can industrial development creates broad market vacuum, summary science and technology is in diligent Nantong layout store can the project just meets meantime. He hopes, highing investment continues to care supportive Nantong development, it is ligament with finance of science and technology, explore deeper administrative levels, wider field to cooperate jointly; Summary science and technology develops diligent adequately major project drives action, attract fluctuation to swim enterprise settle Nantong, promote store can industrial group develops. He expresses, nantong will grasp from beginning to end hold " the project is king, environment is gold " concept, whole process provides excellent service, help Nantong of enterprise take root, deep ploughing Nantong, share development good luck, start good tomorrow in all.

Xia Zun says completely, nantong area the advantage is clear, development momentum is powerful, it is the good land that the company invests. Highing investment devotes oneself to for a long time to cultivate high-tech, innovation industry, cordial hope serves as chance with closing this, drive store can downstream company grows to Nantong on industrial more. In the meantime, develop a company adequately to wait for the advantage of the domain in fund of science and technology, deepen win-win of collaboration, implementation further.

City leadership Wang Hongtao, Wang Kai attends to interview and be signed restrict an activity. (gentleman of characters on a seal carved in relief)