City of salt of Jiangsu of be born of project of Energy Storage System of A spy Si Guangfu - initiate store can industrial new phase - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 17:07 energy storage systems

China store can net dispatch: On June 26 morning, industry of long triangle unifinication grows base construction to add new kinetic energy again, bend over of light of group of electric power of A spy Si Yangguang store can systematic project holds an autograph to restrict an activity in saline city. Xu Ying of secretary of municipal Party committee is attended and testimony autograph is made an appointment with, zhou Bin of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor speaks, qu Xiaohua of president of group of electric power of A spy Si Yangguang makes a speech. Before the autograph restricts an activity, xu Ying interviewed group of Qu dawn ploughshare, give what society of our city economy develops to support energetically to Atesi on behalf of municipal government of municipal Party committee thanks, to the project successful lot indicates congratulation about.

She says, Since this year, the our city is complete and accurate implement new development concept in the round, hold to the new way that green low carbon develops, rely on advantaged " scene " resource condition, develop new energy industry energetically, accelerate advance construction of major industry project, for efficient as a whole epidemic situation is prevented accuse and economic society progress, main live firmly economic grail is endowed with continuously can. Saline city develops new energy industry, especially industry of smooth hot season is able to develop his skill to full, be well worth doing, atesi makes domain international precede in smooth hot season, both sides is the old friend of long-term cooperation, stand together regardless of situation. We will be new chance about with this autograph, care supportive group development as always, build more environment of actor battalion business, complementary, win-win develops the advantage that achieves higher administrative levels.

Zhou Bin says when the speech, Hold an autograph successfully to restrict an activity, reflected the sufficient credit that Atesi expands to saline city high quality already, also be the our city drives development of new energy industry and industry of long triangle unifinication to develop the another significant gain that base builds. The branch wants big abundant area and city related each close cooperation cooperates, before leaning actively, serve, drive project precocity to amount to effect labour, early construction, early. Increase capital attraction strength further, build more actor industry modes of life and relation to their environment, accelerate enterprise of assemble industry bibcock, high grade project and outstanding talent and group, make raise of new energy industry with all one's strength. Hope Atesiduo is attention, much investment, much participate in society of our city economy to develop, deepness collaboration is begun in more domain, achieve in all hand in hand more good tomorrow.

The progress that Qu Xiaohua reviewed group and saline city plant expands course, the deep history culture that evaluates saline city to have highly is details, distinctive " scene " the cadre team of resource gift and efficient get right on the job. He saysImplementation " double carbon " target need change is used can mix for can means, store can be the most effective the most important step, also be the strategic development focal point that group put forth effort makes. We will be released adequately store can the side dominant position such as project reserve, product and technology, high level builds smooth hot season store can systematic project, city of the salt that help strength is developed " scene " industry and resource advantage, come true at an early date " double carbon " target, let " fall ducking Qi Fei of glow and Gu, autumn water grows a day in all monochromatic " become Yellow Sea bank Cheng Jing.

Group of electric power of A spy Si Yangguang is global comprehensive strength banner solar energy and store can the industry is gotten army enterprise, build in the our city have 3 plants, among them factory of big abundant component captures enterprise of science and technology of province civilian battalion, province early or late company of the cloud on 4 stars, province is new and high the technology breeds the honor such as enterprise of put in storage. The smooth hot season that this the autograph makes an appointment with store can systematic project, developing zone of economy of settle Yu Dafeng, atesike will be become to develop another milepost project continuously after building, strong aid the chain of industry of smooth hot season that turns an our city to form more complete, richer competition ability.

City leads Xue Chengtang, Shang Rujun, liu Guangqiu of municipal government secretary-general, group of electric power of A spy Si Yangguang is senior vice-president Zhang Guangchun, the branch is in charge of a comrade waiting related city attend.