2.35MW/4.7MWh! ABB company will be French south earth Batteryenergy Storage System - of deploy of report of bank of human relations harbor store can innovate power project - China store can net

  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 17:08 energy storage company

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, global electric power and company of ABB of automation technology supplier showed a few days ago, plan in French south earth construction of human relations harbor uses cell of 2.35MW/4.7MWh lithium ion store can bank report of the system interrelates the solution makes key item.  

The ferry that ABB company is leading a financial group to be harbor of earthy human relations and You Lun offer 50/60hHz bank report to interrelate solution. Bank report interrelates plan allows shipping to shut derv dynamo during relying on harbor, reduce noise and fossil fuel pollution, can make shipping operation business economic and many at the same time fuel and maintain cost.


The earth of French south human relations harbor 

A spokesman of ABB company expresses, the bank report that ABB company and partner of its financial group carry out interrelates electric power solution, generate electricity solar energy establishment and cobalt of manganese of nickel of a 2.35MW/4.7MWh (batteries of NMC) lithium ion store can system) deploy of form a complete set.  

His complement says, "Batteries store can the system will support operation of electrified wire netting, the shipping that is berth at the same time provides bank report. Once shipping and bank report disconnect,join, batteries store can charge by oneself in the electric power that the system can provide from electrified wire netting. Generate electricity when solar energy when can be being used, batteries store can the system can use this to plant but second birth the sources of energy charges. "

ABB company shows, this solution aux will be able to offers sufficient energy resources satisfy quite at the same time 3 ferry of mouth of port of call or You Lun's demand, and structure of the sources of energy of enough self-correcting of aux will be able to, through local electrified wire netting or solar energy + store can the project is shipping power supply. This plan can be saved every year 9, 000 hours of shipping use the run time of derv dynamo, will eliminate the contaminant of 80% to discharge.  

Eiffage Construction company works executive civil engineering, and company of é of compositive business Fauch is in charge of the system install and joining the bank report that includes ABB company interrelates technology inside equipment. This project will at next year put into production.  

The stylist of this project holds Ric Mestivier of é of D of CTO Fr é concurrently to say, "Come from the technology say, this project is developing a new intelligent intelligence electrified wire netting, use number technology will supervise the power supply that comes from many origin. And such infrastructure can be in limitative carbon footmark while optimize integral energy efficiency. "

This area is starting " 0 aerosol stop off " plan, in order to make this haven realizes electrification, implementation shipping 0 discharge stay.